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CheckLIST: Library Information Skills Toolkit

Citations & Academic Integrity

This module covers the importance of academic integrity and the basics of citing sources in different styles.
6.2 Tutorial: Why Citations Matter
6.3 Tutorial: APA Citations
6.4 Video: APA Citation Style (3:58min)
6.5 Quiz: APA Citations
6.8 Video: Academic Integrity (3:58min)
6.9 Video: Plagiarism (3:32min)
6.10 Quiz: Academic Integrity

At Notre Dame the Schools of Education, Medicine, Health Sciences, Business and Science follow the APA citation style.

At Notre Dame the Schools of Arts, Philosophy and Theology use the Chicago Footnote citation style 17th edition.


Learning checklist

Image - Checklist

This module is designed to help you:

  • Understand the importance of acknowledging the source of ideas
  • Reference your sources correctly