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Rule 6 - Commentaries Citation Elements

Image showing Citation Elements for Commentaries in AGLC3 Style

Commentaries - Citation Formats

6.4 General rule: Author or Publisher, Title, Vol number (at most recent service date for pinpoint or if not available date accessed) [pinpoint]
Use author if clearly identified otherwise use the Publisher as the first element.

Encyclopaedia Citations Elements

Image showing Citation Elements for Encyclopaedias in AGLC3 Style

Encyclopaedia Citations

General rule, first footnote: Publisher, Title of EncyclopediaVol Number, (at Full date) Title Number, Name of Title, 'Chapter Number Name of Chapter' [paragraph number].
Omit volume number for online citations.

General rule, subsequent footnotes: Ibid, [pinpont] (for footnote immediately following previous footnote).
Publisher, above n Footnote Number, [pinpoint].