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Commentaries Citation Elements: Rule 6

Bibliography Entry

Example of AGLC format for citing commentary in the bibliography

Commentaries - Citation Formats

6.4 General rule: Author or Publisher, Title, Vol number (at most recent service date for pinpoint or if not available date accessed) [pinpoint]
Use author if clearly identified otherwise use the Publisher as the first element.

Encyclopaedia Citations Elements

Bibliography Entry

Example of AGLC citation of encyclopaedia in a bibliography

Encyclopaedia Citations

General rule, first footnote: Publisher, Title of EncyclopediaVol Number, (at Full date) Title Number, Name of Title, 'Chapter Number Name of Chapter' [paragraph number].
Omit volume number for online citations.

General rule, subsequent footnotes: Ibid, [pinpont] (for footnote immediately following previous footnote).
Publisher, above n Footnote Number, [pinpoint].