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Tables Figures & Images Displayed in a Document

Image showing Tag Graph Sunrises by time
Image: Bumgardner, J. (2005). Tag Graph: Sunrises by time. Retrieved from

Tables and figures enable a large amount of information to be presented clearly and efficiently. Tables usually show numerical values or text arranged in columns or rows. Any type of illustration other than a table is referred to as a figure, for instance: charts, graphs, photographs or drawings.

Tables and Figures: Original Images (Created by You)

Tables: Number tables in the order they are mentioned in the text: Table 1, Table 2, etc. Give each table a title (which is placed above the table), use descriptive headings and give table notes directly below the table if explanation of abbreviations, symbols or features is needed.


Table 1
Results for Blood Glucose Measurements 

Time (minutes) Blood Glucose Concentration (mmol/L)
Resting 4.2
30 6.4
60 6.2
90 6.3



Figures: Place label directly below, with the word “Figure” and the number in italics, e.g. Figure 1.


Figure 1. Nursing undergraduate students by age.

Tables and Figures: Images From an Existing Work (Created by Another)

If you are reprinting tables or figures from existing works, see reference examples below for more detail.


Image showing The Accolade by Edmund  Blair Leighton

Figure 2. The Accolade. From The pre-Raphaelites (p. 25), by R. De La Sizeranne, 2012. Retrieved from

For images found online (e.g. on a website): include the name of the author (could be a username), date photo was taken or published online, title of the image, and website URL in the figure label and reference list entry. The title of the website also needs to be included in the figure label.