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University Staff: Reserve Collection

What is the Reserve Collection?

Copies of texts and required readings nominated by the Course Coordinator are held in the Reserve Collection.

Reserve items can be borrowed for use in the Library for up to two hours.  Students can take them outside the library under the following conditions:

  1. During library opening hours, they are returned within the two hour time limit
  2. Items can be taken out overnight if issued up to two hours before the library closes

The Reserve Collection is updated for the start of each semester.  Please see the instructions in this guide for adding items to Reserve.

How do I add items to the Reserve Collection?

Please use the Reserve Collection Request Form to notify library staff of the items you wish to place in the Reserve Collection.

Please ensure that you provide the following information for each request:

  • Details of the unit for which the items are being placed on Reserve, including the number of students (actually or estimated)
  • Include as much information as possibleabout each item as you can – this will ensure that the correct title is placed on reserve for you

Please note the following:

  • Incomplete forms or those with insufficient information will be returned to the requester for completion
  • All requests will be processed in the order in which they are received
  • Due to the time required to order, receive and process resources it is important that you submit your requests as early as possible.
  • Requests for material not held by the Library will take longer to process, as orders are subject to availability and supply times from the vendors
  • Please be aware that late requests may result in material not being available in time to meet your students' needs.

How do I remove items from the Reserve Collection?

All Library owned items in the Reserve Collection are automatically returned to the main collection at the end of each semester.

Any items in the Reserve Collection that are the property of academic staff will be returned to their owner.

You will need to submit an updated Reserve Collection Reserve Form each time the unit is offered.

Reminders will be sent to unit coordinators for Reserve Collection requests before the beginning of each semester.