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Editing References in Word

When writing your essay you may need to modify the citations - for example adding page numbers, or for author-date styles like APA, if the author’s name/s (or the date) have been incorporated into your sentence, you will need to edit the in-text citation so that the name (or date) is not repeated, eg:

In an article about reciprocity between speech and silence in education, Caranfa (2013) relies on the insights of

  1. Click on the citation (either the in-text or footnote citation) in the Word doc so it is highlighted.
  2. Using the EndNote toolbar in the Word doc, go to Edit & Manage Citation(s).
  3. Under the Edit Citation tab, choose the format you require from the dropdown list (in this example you would choose either Display as: Author (Year) or Exclude Author) then click OK

To add or edit page numbers, please see this guide.

Notes on APA and EndNote

EndNote can handle most of the requirements of the APA style, but EndNote does not include the full spectrum of reference types that are described in the APA manual.  If you are citing a reference type that is not included in EndNote, you should consult the APA manual.  You may need to add or modify your own reference types, if so you can follow the instructions in the help file under "Adding and Deleting Reference Types."

The Report reference type is designed to work with reports downloaded from the Internet.  Print reports require a different format.

For Podcasts, the APA format requests that the Producer field be listed first in lieu of the "author" field.  To make sure that the producer is formatted correctly the user will need to enter a name as:

Van Nuys,, D. J. (note the two commas)

For transcribed interviews, APA requires the full name of the interviewer in a first name, then last name format.  To ensure that the name formats correctly, enter it as shown below:

Daniel J. Van Nuys, (note the comma at the end)

For anonymous government documents, enter the governmental agency as the author.