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How to create a formatted bibliography

It is possible to create a standalone bibliography using EndNote, called a "formatted bibliography". You may wish to do this if you do not need to use in-text citations or footnotes in your paper, or you have inserted them in-text manually and don't want to spend time replacing them in your document using EndNote.

Note that it is not recommended to use a mix of manually inserted in-text citations and EndNote inserted in-text citations - use one or the other to ensure your bibliography is complete and to avoid confusion.

Follow these simple steps to set up your formatted reference list (APA):

1. Write your essay/paper, and manually insert any in text citations in the correct format (highlighted in grey below).

2. When you have finished writing, go to your EndNote library and select the references you have used in your essay (to choose multiple references, hold down Ctrl on your keyboard as you click on each reference).

3. Click on Edit, then Copy Formatted (CTRL-K).

Formatted bibliography 2

4. Back in your essay, paste the bibliography/reference list at the end of the document.

Standalone bibliography

If you wish to use this method for your essay, it may be easier to manage the relevant citations if you add them to a custom Group within EndNote. That way when you're finished, you can just select all the references in that group and start the process from Step 3.

Why not CWYW?

EndNote is designed to work with Cite While You Write (CWYW), so why should you use a "formatted bibliography"?

There are a few reasons why you might not want to bother with CWYW and use a formatted bibliography instead.

  • The paper is short and only contains a few (< 10-15) references;
  • the bibliography is part of the word document, and can be edited just like normal text;
  • you are not using Microsoft Word, but have got all your references in EndNote;
  • you just can't get your head around CWYW;
  • your toolbar has disappeared and you can't get it to work, it's 4 am, and your paper is due in a few hours;
  • or, you just like to try new things.

It's a fast, easy, and almost foolproof!