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University Library Client Survey - September 2011

The Library thanks the 1067 people who took the time to respond to the survey. 

The survey is a key way that helps us to identify what services and resources are most important to you and what you would like to see us improve. 

Our overall score in the survey was 78.9%, which was above the median score from the 38 university who used the survey.

What do you think we do well?

  • Library staff treat me fairly and without discrimination
  • Library staff provide accurate answers to my enquiries *
  • Library staff are approachable and helpful *
  • Library staff are readily available to assist me *
  • Face to face enquiry services meet my needs
  • When I am away from campus I can access the Library resources and services I need *              
  • Online resources meet my learning and research needs *
  • The Library website provides useful information
  • Self Service (e.g. requests, renewals, holds) meets my needs
  • The Library website is easy to use

(Factors marked * were also identified in the top ten importance list)

Where do we most need to improve our services?

  • A computer is available when I need one *
  • I can find a quiet place in the Library to study when I need to *
  • Laptop facilities (e.g. desks, power) in the Library meet my needs
  • Printing, scanning and photocopying facilities in the Library meet my needs *
  • I can find a place in the Library to work in a group when I need to
  • I can get wireless access in the Library when I need to *
  • Opening hours meet my needs *
  • The Library is a good place to study
  • The items I'm looking for on the Library shelves are usually there
  • Information resources located in the Library (e.g. books, journals, DVDs) meet my learning and research needs


(Factors marked * were also identified in the top ten importance list)

What have we done to improve our services?


What We Have Done

Information resources

  • Launched an online 'recommend a resource' service
  • Conducted a review of all subscriptions, inviting recommendations for new resources form all users (2011, 2012)
  • Continue to add new eResource subscriptions, ebooks and eJournals (2011, 2012).  
  • Acquisition of ‘backfiles’ of eJournals (2012)


  • Identifying quiet zones or quiet study periods in each Library and promoting this to students in order to create specific quiet areas or times (2012)

Opening Hours

  • Hours extended at Fremantle Campus (2012)
  • Hours extended at Sydney Campus (2012)

Study Environment

  • Relocation of the St Benedict’s Library to Canavan Hall (2012). 
  • Replacement of the air-conditioning and improvement in the lighting in the Craven Law Library (2012). 
  • Standardising Library signage 

Study Rooms

  • Implementation of an online room room booking system (2011)


  • Undertake a formal review of the usability of the Library website (2012)
  • Develop a new mobile version of the Library website (2012)

Wireless Access

  • Deployment of a wireless network at the Broome Campus (2011).
  • Upgrade to the wireless network at the Fremantle Campus (2011