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Reading Lists: Guide for Academic Staff

Last updated: 9/6/22 | v.2

Student Engagement

Leganto allows you to access an analysis of how many students are utilising your Reading List, and how they are interacting with each resource. 

  1. From within your Reading List, navigate to the top menu and click on the analytics (graph) symbol. 
  2. You are now in Analysis mode.
  1. Navigate back to the top menu, and click on Display list analysis. 
  2. You will now see a table with a breakdown for course participants and active students, etc. 
  1. To see an analysis of each citation, click into each section of your list and you will see another table with a breakdown of active students and student engagement with that resource. 

Leganto allows you and your students to annotate uploaded documents (e.g. book chapters). 


  1. From within your Reading List, navigate to a document that has been uploaded by you and processed by the Library (e.g. a scanned book chapter or article in PDF format).
  2. Click on the title to open the details screen.
  1. Navigate to the Links & Availability section and look for the Public Annotations toggle. 
  2. This will automatically be set to on (green).

When available, students will be able to add comments, highlight text and add shapes to your document. 

NOTE: the annotations are only visible within Leganto, and will not be added to printed or downloaded versions of the file. 


  • If the annotation is set to Public, the name of the person who wrote the comment, and the date and time of the comment are visible in the annotation menu. 
  • Public comments are searchable in the annotations menu.
  • Each student's name appears in a different colour above their comment, and the instructor comments appear with an instructor icon next to their name.
  • Instructors can delete public annotations or change them to Private. 
  • Users can also change their own comments from Public to Private, or from Private to Public. 
  1. To switch off this option, click the toggle to off (grey).