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AGLC - Overview

Image showing the cover of the AGLC book. Also contains a link to the PDF file.

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The Australian Guide to Legal Citation, 3rd edition (AGLC3) is a footnote citation style specifically designed to identify legal sources. It does not deal with legal style or writing skills. AGLC3 consists of:

  1. Citations in the body of the page, using a superscript (raised) number
  2. A list of footnotes at the bottom (foot) of each page, for all citations on that page
  3. A Bibliography provided at the end of the paper, giving details of each source mentioned in the text, as well as details of other sources consulted in preparing the paper.  A bibliography is optional and required at the discretion of individual academics.

AGLC3 is medium neutral, that is, there is no need to include the online reference to a case, act, article, book or other source of legal information unless it is not available in print and solely published online.

How to use AGLC3 effectively:

  1. Read the general rules (Part 1) which outline the conventions used across all legal sources - then go to the specific source type.
  2. The most specific rule for a source should be used.
  3.  Where a source is not included in AGLC3, adapt the closest fitting rule; common sense applies here. 

Please note: AGLC 4th edition is due mid 2018.