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Articles Citation Elements

Bibliography Entry

Example of AGLC article cited in bibliography

Articles Citations

First footnote citation: Ann Author-Writer, 'Article Title' (Year) volume(issue) Title of Journal first page number, pinpoint.
Second and subsequent citations: Ibid AND above n Footnote Number, pinpoint.
AGLC3 is a medium neutral citation style:  That means if there is a print citation for the article, even if you downloaded it from an electronic source, you should cite it as if you read the printed version.  This also means you should read pdf versions of the article for correct pinpoint citation details.

Rule 4 - Articles

This guide outlines the basics of citing articles.  AGLC3 is medium neutral which means there is no need to indicate the source, print or online, in the citation or reference.  For more information consult  AGLC3 rule 4.

General notes:

  • authors' names should appear exactly as they do in the source.  This may result in multiple works by the same author being cited differently according to the source, rule 1.14.2;
  • in a bibliography the first authors name should be inverted with the family name first, rule 1.16;
  • full stops should only be used at the end of a footnote, rule 1.6.1;
  • no full stops used after initials or in abbreviations, rule 1.14.1; and
  • citations are media neutral. There is no difference between a citation for a printed journal article or an online journal article. According to rule 4.9 and 6.15 details of electronic sources should only be cited when a printed version of the item does not exist.

In text quotations are covered in rule 1.5.1:

  • short quotations (three lines or less) are incorporated within single quotation marks; and
  • long quotations (more than three full lines) should be indented from left margin, in a smaller font size, and without quotation marks.


  • Ibid is used for second citation immediately following the first
  • a book can be linked to a previous reference by using "above" with the appropriate footnote reference, rule 1.4.2;
  • pinpoint references to pages must be included in the footnote but not a bibliography, rule 1.1.5-1.1.6; and
  • footnotes can include 'tangential or extraneous information that is not appropriate to include in the text., rule 1.1.1.