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APA Basics

Overview: The American Psychological Association Style Guide 6th Edition, or APA, is an author-date system commonly used across Psychology, Nursing, Education, Arts, Sciences, and other subjects.
Any time you use an idea or quote from another source, acknowledge that passage with the authors' names and the year the source was published. The main components of APA referencing style are in-text and reference list (end-text) citations. Please see the in-text citations section of this guide for more detailed instructions, and the sample reference list.


In-text (paraphrase): referring to another's work while summarising their ideas in your own words.

In-text (quote): Directly quoting others' words in your work.

Reference List entry: a long form reference in an alphabetical reference list  at the end of the paper. Contains enough information for the reader to track down the original source.

Sample Reference List

APA Books