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Dictionaries & Encyclopaedias

Dictionary & encyclopaedia online:  14.233
Well-known dictionaries & encyclopaedias: 14.232

Well-known reference works, such as major dictionaries and encyclopedias, are normally cited in footnotes and omitted from the bibliography. The facts of publication are omitted, but the edition (if not the first) must be specified, as well as the date the volume was issued.

Most other reference works are listed in footnotes and bibliography, with full publication details.

For references to an alphabetically arranged work (e.g. dictionary) cite the item (not the page number) preceded by s.v. e.g. Encyclopaedia Britannica, 15th ed. (1980), s.v. “salvation.”


Dictionaries & encyclopaedias consulted online: 14.233

Major/well-known online dictionaries and encyclopedias are also normally cited in footnotes and omitted from the bibliography.

For continually updated resources, include a posted or revised date instead of an edition number. If none is available, supply an access date. Include time stamps for frequently updated resources e.g. Wikipedia.

Include a URL as the last element of the citation.


Authors: 14.234

For dictionaries and encyclopedias with authored entries, it may be appropriate to cite such entries by author.

Theses & Dissertations

Theses & dissertations (from database): 14.215
Theses & dissertations (print): 14.215

Conference Papers

Conference papers: 14.217

Legal Materials

Cases, Legislation, and Hansard: 14.269 (see also subsequent sections)

Chicago Manual of Style directs users to follow guidelines in The Bluebook for citing legal works.  AGLC is based on The Bluebook and should be followed, in Australia, as the guide for citing legal materials.

Pamphlets & Reports

Pamphlets and reports: 14.220

Pamphlets, corporate reports, brochures, and other freestanding publications are treated essentially as books. Data on author and publisher may not fit the normal pattern, but sufficient information should be given to identify the document.

See also Web Resources - Government report online. 

Secondary Referencing

Secondary referencing (generally discouraged): 14.260