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Web Resources

The following list contains examples of references formatted for web resources.

The relevant Chicago Manual of Style chapters are linked to so that more information can be located easily in the online manual.

Bibliography Entry

Example of Chicago citation of a web resource in a bibliography

Click on the links below to learn more about:

Main Elements Titles  Dates

Footnote & Bibliography Examples

Web page: 14.207

Web page no author: 14.207

Government report online: 14.220
Blog post: 14.208
PowerPoint online: 14.217

Social media: 14.209

Follow the link above to the online Manual for examples and explanatory notes on citing a variety of social media content, including Facebook and Instagram.

Explanatory Notes

Main elements: 14.207

Include as much of the following as can be determined:

The title or description of the specific page; the title or description of the site as a whole (if different from sponsor); the owner/sponsor of the site; a publication/revision date; and a URL.


Titles: 14.206

Titles of web pages or sections are capitalised headline-style and placed in quotation marks. Titles of websites are capitalised headline-style without quotation marks and not italicised.

Titles of blogs are italicised and titles of blog posts are placed in quotation marks.

If in doubt about whether something is a blog or a website, treat the title like that of a website.


Dates: 14.207

Include a publication date or date of revision or modification (a copyright date is also acceptable). If a date cannot be found, include an access date in the first footnote and bibliography citations.