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Managing your references

The University Library provides students with access to two subscription based bibliographic management tools, Endnote and RefWorks.

Both have the same purpose, to enable management of citations and the 'output' of these citations in specific referencing styles. A key difference between these tools is that RefWorks is a fully cloud-based tool, meaning that there is no requirement to install or upgrade the software and users have access to the full features of the software online. EndNote, by contrast, requires installation on one of your devices in order for you to access the full features of the software.

All staff and students have access to both tools and may choose which one to use.  The Library provides support materials for both tools on the Library homepage but provides active support for the tools in the following ways:


Coursework students 
  • The Library offers classes and support in the use of RefWorks
Higher Degree by Research Students and Academic Staff
  • The Library offers classes and support in the use of both Endnote and RefWorks