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What is researcher impact?

Numeric measures provide an indication of a researcher’s impact. These measures are based on the assumption that influential researchers and important works are cited most frequently.

Citation metrics:

  • Total number of cited publications
  • Number of times an author has been cited
  • Number of times a publication has been cited

H-index (Hirsch index):

  • Designed to simultaneously measure the productivity (number of publications) and impact (number of citations) of scholarly output
  • Calculation is based on the balance between the number of publications and the number of citations per publication e.g. a H-index of 10 means an author has 10 publications which have each been cited 10 or more times.

Article download count:

  • This measure indicates interest in a publication.
  • Download counts are provided by some publication databases and other web platforms, although there is no standard way to aggregate counts from different systems. Examples of platforms that provide download counts include: