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Research & Referencing for ARTS1000

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About this Guide

This guide has been designed especially for students taking ARTS1000. 

It aims to support the development of your research and referencing skills, as well as guide you to various resources that may be useful for the ARTS1000 annotated bibliography and essay.  Links to resources have been included for their relevance but do not make up an exhaustive list of all that is available to support your research.

Navigate through the guide using the tabs on the side.


Welcome to the Research & Referencing for ARTS1000 guide! 

I'm looking forward to meeting you in the week 4 Library workshop.  The focus of the workshop will be on searching for information - developing efficiencies in this area will save you time and help to avoid stress when it comes to preparing for your research essay. 

There is more to researching than what you probably know from using Google.  The Library provides access to hundreds of thousands of scholarly resources to support your study, the trick is to learn how to find the right resources, at the right time.  This guide, along with the Library workshop, have been designed to help you develop the skills needed to become effective and efficient at finding information. 

See you soon.

Sophie (Arts & Sciences Liaison Librarian)