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CheckLIST: Library Information Skills Toolkit

Searching for Information

This module covers the basics of searching for information, including choosing the right source, identifying keywords, and employing search techniques.

3.1 Video: Choosing a Database (3.42)
3.2 Tutorial: Choosing & Using Keywords
3.3 Quiz: Choosing a Database
3.4 Quiz: Choosing and Using Keywords
3.5a Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 1
3.5b Tutorial: Search Techniques, Part 2
3.6 Video: Refining Search Results (4:10min)
3.7 Quiz: Search Techniques

Searching with Summon

Learning checklist

Image - Checklist

This module is designed to help you:

  • Understand the importance of choosing the right database
  • Find the best keywords
  • Develop your search strategy
  • Understand ways of improving your research