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How Do I Find

Looking for a specific print book?

Using Summon, enter the complete title of the book in quotation marks and select Books / eBook when the search results appear on the screen.

Advanced Summon allows you to search without the complete title: enter the title of the book or just some of the words in the With these words in the title box and select the Book / eBook from the menu available in the Content type box.

Alternatively, access the Library Catalogue and use Title Alphabetical search (enter here the exact title of the book, e.g. why warriors lie down and die) or Title Keyword search (enter here one or more words from the title of the book in the search window, e.g. warriors die) or Author Alphabetical or Author Keyword search (enter here the name of the author,  e.g. Trudgen).

Looking for a specific eBook?

To find books only in electronic format in Summon, select the Book / eBook option in the Content type box and click the Full Text Online link in the Refine Your Search box.

Alternatively, use the eJournal - eBook Title Search. The search options available here include Title begins with (where you know the exact beginning of the title, e.g. indigenous fruit), Title equals (where you know the exact title, e.g. indigenous fruit trees in the tropics domestication, utilization and commercialization) and Title contains all words (where you know some words from the title, e.g. trees tropics).

Looking for a print or eBook on a particular subject?

PRINT OR EBOOKS: Use Summon to search for words which appear in the book’s title or description, then click the Book / eBook box under Content Type when the search results appear on the screen. 

PRINT ONLY: When using Summon to search for print only titles, use the refinements on the left hand side.  Under Library Location click the name of your local library.  Alternatively, try the General Keyword search option in the Library Catalogue, Subject Keyword (e.g. gifted children education) search, or the Subject Alphabetical (e.g. gifted children) search option.

Further assistance

  • Problems accessing content? Try the Library’s online FAQ service AskUs
  • Work through the ‘Help’ screens in the Library Catalogue and individual eBook platforms for invaluable search tips to save you time
  • Talk with a staff member at your library’s reference/information desk
  • Email your Liaison Librarian to arrange an appointment for individual or group assistance