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External Students

Am I an External Student?

The Library understands a student to be an External Student where they are enrolled in:

  • a VET course ; or
  • a course of study that is designated by the University as available in External mode and they are designated as an External student in that course.

Students are not considered to be External students by virtue of their distance from one of the University’s campuses or because their course is run in intensive mode and they only come to campus intermittently.

Which External Students are eligible for External Students Services?

Students who are considered to be External Students will be provided with services where they met the definition of External Student and are resident:

  • Outside of the Perth Metropolitan Area
  • Outside of the Broome Township

No services are currently provided to External Students from the Sydney Campus.

 What are the boundaries in Western Australia?

The boundaries are shown via the blue line border on the map to the right.

These consist of the following areas: