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Remote Students

1. Search FiNDit

Search the Library website for resources that are available electronically. You can access these resources by logging in with your student number and password. 

Use the links below to guide you in your search. 

2. Borrow books locally

All Notre Dame students are eligible to use the national reciprocal borrower scheme, which allows our students to borrow books from other participating libraries across the country. 

Use the links below to learn more about reciprocal borrowing and how to register. 

3. Request a postal book loan

Eligible remote students are generally able to borrow the same material as internal students. However the Library is unable to send books from closed collections such as the Course Reserve collection.

Please click on the Postal Book Loans tab in the menu for more information. 

4. Request copy delivery

We can photocopy a portion of a publication within the limits imposed by the Copyright Act. 

Please click on the Copy Delivery Service tab in the menu for more information.