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Reciprocal borrowing is an arrangement that allows for students and staff at Australian universities and some affiliated organisations to borrow from one-another's libraries. 

Reciprocal borrowing occurs under one of two frameworks: 

  • The University Libraries of Australia and New Zealand (ULANZ) scheme - see link below for more information
  • Locally negotiated agreements 

Eduroam - Wifi for users from participating institutions

The University provides access to the Eduroam wifi service for visitors from institutions participating in the Eduroam network.  More information can be found at the link below.

  • The Eduroam wifi signal should be visible on your device as eduroam.  You should be able to connect to this using your home institution email address and password (for example, if your student number is S12345 then use
  • The Eduroam wifi service does not provide access to the printing and copying service, nor does it enable visitors to connect to the University’s online library of services such as eJournals and eBooks.
  • Problems accessing the wifi signal should be reported to the Library information desk in the first instance. 
  • The University of Notre Dame Australia adheres to the Eduroam National Policy.