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Broome Campus Library: About the Library

The Broome Campus Library is situated on a site once occupied by Nulungu College (Nulungu is a Yawuru name for a water soak on Roebuck Plains). The College was established by the Christian Brothers as a residential secondary school for Aboriginal boys in 1971. In 1974 a similar school was opened for Aboriginal girls co-jointly by the Sisters of Our Lady of the Missions and the Sisters of St. John of God.

It was the collections from the Jawa Resource Centre and the Broome Spirituality Centre, which formed the nucleus of the new University Library, which opened on the 28th February 1994. The Library was situated at the time in the girl’s dormitory and classroom block built in 1973. The Resource Centre continued to be a joint use library for University and Schools Staff until 1998 when the schools collection was dispersed.

In the same year, the old room, which housed the ablution facilities for the girls’ dormitory, was renovated and in September half the Library collection was moved into "Clancy" (of the overflow!). A new state of the art Library facility was built in late 2004 and opened its doors to students on February 7, 2005.