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Craven Law Library: About the Library

Using this Library

The Craven Law Library was established in mid-1997 in the former J. & W. Bateman warehouse complex in Fremantle's historic west end. It was renamed the Craven Law Library in 2003 to commemorate the Foundation Dean of the Law School, Professor Greg Craven. The Library was located in the heart of the Law School and housed a print collection of all major Australian primary and secondary sources of law (as well as significant  foreign sources). The space also featured group study rooms, which were funded by the St. Thomas More Parish in Bateman. 

In 2024 the St Teresa's Library is undergoing an exciting refurbishment project and when complete will house the library's entire print collection, including law materials. For the duration of the construction works, the library's core collection is available at Galvin Library (ND35) on Henry St, along with library support and services. 

Electronic resources, accessible on and off campus, ensure Notre Dame law students and researchers have library resources essential for a contemporary law school.

The law print collection is classified according to the Moys Classification Scheme.

Legal Research Skills Training - Library staff work with academics in the School of Law to provide legal research training equipping students with skills to access online and print resources.

Law Subject Guide - the Law Subject Guide has links to Law Library collections, with specialist topic guides is designed as a starting point for users of the collection.