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English language resources

English language resources

Communication in English at university usually requires a formal and concise style to convey points of view or to express ideas in an accepted academic style. Even for native English speakers this can require learning new ways of expression to communicate effectively.

For students with English as an additional language or dialect, or for those new to Australia, communicating effectively in the Australian context can require an understanding of particular aspects of Australian culture that affect how we talk, write and read, both formally for university and in social situations.

This guide presents tips, tools and information to work on English for University as well as resources to help formal academic English communication, additionally looking at how Australian English has its own style and usage.

  • English for university resources in this guide help to address about ways you can use language to effectively convey your point. Additionally, you can review the Successful university writing guide for more information about particular types of writing.
  • Vocabulary resources looks at English phrases and idioms, as well as discipline-specific words, terminology and phrases.
  • Everyday Australian English explores the peculiarities of English in the Australian context
  • Grammar and punctuation are important systems to understand in order to be successful in your written communication at university. Some key aspects to focus on for improvement are looked at in this guide.