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Legislation is the term used to describe the laws made by parliament. It comprises of:
1. Acts (also known as statutes). Principal Acts represent new legislation, while Amending Acts are designed to update or amend existing Acts.
2. Subordinate or delegated legislation (including regulations, rules, by-laws, certain policies, proclamations and notices). 


Finding legislation

  1. Determine the jurisdiction, which is indication at the end of the citation in brackets.
  2. Find the legislation online - using the Australian legislation by jurisdiction tab to find the relevant database.
Jurisdiction Link
Commonwealth Federal Register of Legislation
Australian Capital Territory ACT Register of Legislation
New South Wales NSW Legislation
Northern Territory Northern Territory Legislation
Queensland Queensland Legislation
South Australia South Australian Legislation
Tasmania Tasmanian Legislation
Victoria Victoria Legislation
Western Australia Western Australian Legislation
Multiple jurisdictions*


NOTE: AustLII is not an authorised source of legislation and should be checked for currency against the versions held by the Commonwealth or State Law publisher.

Search to find Commonwealth, NSW and WA cases considering legislation. The Help page will step you through the process.

Use the 'legislation considered' search bar to find relevant cases.

Go to Westlaw AU, select FirstPoint from the side menu, use the legislation cited (provision) to find relevant case law.