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Success Now! Academic writing eCourse

This short course looks at the academic writing process, from unpacking and understanding the assignment question, planning and starting the draft, organising your paragraphs and making refinements to the finished text. This seven-part series draws on real, hands-on examples of undergraduate-style writing to explore the complete process.

Work through the videos and activities in order, or choose specific topics to focus on your particular area of interest.

  1. Getting your head around assignments 2. Getting your essay started and finished 3. Getting your paragraphs into shape

This presentation uses authentic examples to look at ways to:

  • understand the task.
  • get the key points out of the task.
  • use the key points to plan your response.

This presentation uses authentic examples to show how to master the art of composing strong introductions and conclusions in your academic writing.


This presentation helps to look at ways to organise your writing, using authentic examples to look at:

  • how to construct a paragraph plan.
  • how to write topic and bridge sentences.
  • what to include in the rest of a body paragraph.
  • how to achieve flow between sentences and paragraphs.
4. Getting under the word limit 5. Getting away from cut and paste 6. Getting your writing to flow  
  Keeping to a word limit can be a challenge. This presentation helps to refine your writing to be precise and concise by addressing redundancy, repetition and looking at ways to reduce text.   Explore strategies to help you find your own academic voice in your writing, by improving the way in which you paraphrase, summarise and acknowledge the ideas of others in your writing.   

Flow refers to the way that your writing moves logically from one point to another, helping to produce a cohesive overall argument or presentation of ideas. This presentation looks at ways to:

  • promote flow between paragraphs.
  • promote flow between sentences.
  • effectively use transition words.

7. Getting it right when you write


This presentation looks at ways to polish and refine your writing. In particular, it covers approaches looking at how to:

  • express ideas clearly in sentences.
  • punctuate sentences
  • choose the right words
  • proofread your work.