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Notre Dame 5 Star University
University Library





Welcome to our Alumni Members

As a graduate of The University of Notre Dame Australia you are eligible for Alumni membership of the University Library.

Membership entitles you to :

  • Use & borrow books (excluding eBooks) and DVDs from the Library's collections
  • Use the Library's collections
  • Use FiNDit to find and access Open Access resources
  • Use Open Access eResources

The Library also provides access to a set of curated Open Access ejournal and eBook databases that are peer reviewed and scholarly in nature to support your  professional reading (please see the Open Access Databases tab).

Publisher licence restrictions limit access to subscribed online resources and as such these are not freely available to Alumni.

Registering as an Alumni

There's no need to register with the Library, student accounts are automatically updated after graduation is complete and students receive their testamur. There is no expiration date for Alumni library accounts. 

Borrowing from the Library

To borrow from the Library, you must present a valid photo ID to staff at the Library desk.

Your borrowing privileges entitle you to :

Standard Loans           Loan Period              Renewals             Reserve Loans

      10                             6 weeks                      0                               0


Like most libraries and all University libraries, the Library imposes a financial penalty upon borrowers who fail to return loans by the designated due date.

We do this to create an incentive to honour the agreement borrowers make when they loan the materials.

  • Library fines are $1.00 per item per day per for standard loan items, or $3.00 per item per day for recalled items.
  • Library fines do not have to be paid until the total balance is $12.00 or more.
Once you owe the Library $12.00 or more your borrowing rights will be suspended until such time as you have cleared the total balance due.


The Library values your comments and suggestions on any aspect of its service. Please email to have your say.