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Copyright: An overview

Provides an overview on how Copyright applies in higher education, including Creative Commons and Open Access.

Why notices need to be included with all work copied or communicated

The University pays licence fees allowing staff to copy and communicate texts and images, music, television, and radio broadcasts for educational purposes. The following prescribed notices must appear on, or immediately before all electronic copies made under the statutory licence.


  • There is no prescribed size for the notice but it must be legible.
  • The wording of the notice cannot be changed. 
  • You do not need to attach the notice to hardcopy reproductions such as class handouts and readers.

The University is also required to display prescribed warning notices on University equipment used to make print copies or to create electronic reproductions. These notices provide some protection against the University being found liable for authorising copyright infringements by students or staff.

Notices, Forms, Labels

New Statutory Licence - Reproduction Notice (Copied and communicated work, TV and radio broadcasts)

Notices for Print Material (Out of Print Books, Course Readers)

Notices for Digital Material (Communicating, Scanning, etc)

Notices for TV and Radio Broadcasts

Notices for Equipment