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Copying for research or study, criticism or review

Under the "fair dealing" provisions of the Copyright Act 1968, staff and students can copy a "reasonable portion" of a literary, dramatic, musical or artistic work and audio-visual material without the permission of the copyright owner, provided their copying is for the purpose of research or study, criticism or review.

Normally you should only make a single copy, for your own individual use. You should only make multiple copies if your purpose is "criticism or review" - e.g. if you are making a tutorial presentation which involves commenting on the work and you need to provide all the students in the tutorial with a copy of an extract from it. 

Only limited copying is permitted, e.g. one article in a periodical (more than one if the articles are required for the same course of study or research project), 10% of the pages or one chapter of a book. An artistic work can be copied in its entirety. For audio-visual material (e.g. sound recordings, film/video clips) the limits are less clear.

Copying for non-educational purposes is NOT permitted under these provisions.

If the material is covered by contractual agreement (this is the case with most software and electronic resources, including the Library's ebooks, ejournals and databases), you must abide by the terms of the contract.

Unless authorized by the copyright owner, you must not copy software on University computers or personally owned computers using University network facilities.

For more information please see the following Australian Copyright Council Information sheets: