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Copyright: Students - study and research

Provides students with information on responsibilities around copying other peoples' work for the purpose of study and research.

In this guide

This guide covers what your options are when copying material for yourself or others for the purpose of study and research. The provisions vary depending on what type of material is being used. As a student, the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) has provisions around the use of material for certain purposes without being in breach of copyright. These apply for your personal use as a student at University (e.g. For submission of assignment, projects, etc.).

Please note, that these exception may not apply for publishing your work (in print or online). If you are publishing a thesis, journal article, etc., please read the Submitting a thesis section of this guide and/or speak to the Copyright Officer and/or Manager, Research Services in the Library.


Want to (re)use someone else's work in your assignment or project?

  • Want to add an image to your assignment?
  • Need to include a graph you found within a book in your report?
  • Or, want to use a portion of someone else's work in your thesis, research paper, or publication?

View the Types of Work table in the Copyright and legal re-use guide to find out how to (re)use material legally for educational purposes

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