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Academic Integrity

Referencing at University

Referencing is an essential feature of successful academic writing at university and serves four main purposes:

  1. Acknowledges the source
  2. Avoids plagiarism
  3. Enables the reader to trace the source
  4. Gives credibility to your work

In essence, referencing is a standardised method of formatting information sources used in your assignments or written work. Different academic disciplines use different referencing styles, and your School has determined the style you are required to use. Consult your Course Outline in the first instance to find this information - you will find it listed under Referencing Style.

Failure to reference, or poor referencing, can be classified as academic misconduct. Using referencing is a standard and mandatory requirement of scholarly communication. You are strongly encouraged to complete the Research and Referencing module linked below to learn more and have an opportunity to practice these skills.

Refer to the University's Referencing Guide located on the University Library's website to find out more about your School's nominated referencing style. If you need further assistance with referencing please contact a Research Services Librarian (see the Library Help tab in this guide), or visit your Library.