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Library Services Scheduled Maintenance – Sunday 3rd July 2022 - What you can do to prepare    

Recommending & Requesting

eReserve & Closed Reserve

eReserve and Closed Reserve are services that facilitate student access to course reading materials.


A central repository for storing scanned documents to support teaching and learning. The service makes reading material available to students whilst helping the University meet its obligations under the Copyright Act 1968 (C'th). eReserve should be used for important readings that are either not available electronically from the Library or are only available in print. If you scan or save copyrighted material, you must use eReserve to make it available in Blackboard.

Closed Reserve:

A restricted access collection in each campus Library for high demand books, as nominated by the Course Coordinator. Books can be borrowed for up to 2 hours. Overnight loan is available 2 hours before closing time - books must be returned within the first hour of opening on the following day.

Only Academic Staff can request items be added to Closed Reserve or eReserve. If students notify us of a text they think should be in Closed Reserve, we will contact the relevant Course Coordinator about submitting a request.

Before submitting a request, check if the document is already available via FiNDit or the eReserve repository.

Search for files already in eReserve

  1. Open Blackboard
  2. ​Click on Content Collection at the top of the page
  3. Click on Library Content on the left side of the page
  4. Click on the Library Content folder in the middle of the page
  5. Click on the current year's folder
  6. Click Advanced Search on the left of the page
  7. Scroll down to the Metadata section and click on UNDA Metadata
  8. Search by title or author surname and click submit (Please note: you can only search for files in the current year as content from previous years is deactivated due to copyright requirements)
  9. Check potential matches by clicking the links returned by the search
  10. If you want to use the file, just copy and paste the link into your Blackboard course 

If the document is not available:

  • Skip to step 3
  • Tick both eReserve AND Document Delivery or Interlibrary Loan on the form

1.   Make a scanned copy of each document you wish to add to eReserve

  • Scan at a resolution of 200 dpi into PDF format (Output Quality: choose medium)
  • Scan to be made from good quality, legible originals, and set straight on the page
  • Chapter from a book - include the title page, publication details and date
  • Journal article - include the journal title, volume, and page numbers
  • Give the file a short name, less than 32 characters, including .pdf file extension. We suggest using the publication date, author of the work, and a single word from title, for example: 2011-anderson-processes.pdf


2.   Deposit the scanned document(s) into the eReserve folder 

  • The eReserve folder can be found on the National Drive in N:\Administration\Library\University Resources\eReserve
  • All staff on all campuses are to deposit into this folder
  • If you cannot access this shared folder please contact the IT helpdesk


3.   Submit a request

  • Submit the request form via the tab on the left
  • Up to three documents can be added per form (you can submit multiple forms)

4.   Library staff will process the request​

  • The Library will add a copyright declaration statement to the document and upload the file to eReserve
  • The Library will create a link to access the document and will send it to you along with the notification that the request has been processed


5.   Paste the link provided into your Blackboard course

  • Students enrolled in the course will be able to click the link and access the file via Blackboard


Please note the following:

  • Where possible, please submit eReserve requests well in advance of the start of semester to assist with processing.
  • Reminders are sent before the beginning of each semester and term.
  • For staff to prioritise your request it is essential to provide an ‘Access required by’ date on the form.
  • Please be aware that late requests may result in material not being available in time to meet your students' needs.

Contact to follow up on the progress of requests or if you require further assistance.

Direct copyright questions to the Copyright Officer:

Follow instructions at the link below.

I want my students to... Access an entire book

Please note the following:

  • The Closed Reserve collection is updated each semester so you'll need to submit a request each time the course is offered.
  • Reminders are sent before the beginning of each semester and term.
  • Requests will be processed in the order in which they are received.
  • It is important that you submit your requests as early as possible due to the time required to order, receive, and process books.
  • Requests for books not already held by the Library will take longer to process, as orders are subject to availability and supply times.
  • Please be aware that late requests may result in material not being available in time to meet your students' needs.

Document Delivery & Interlibrary Loan

Eligible staff and students can request access to resources that the Notre Dame Library doesn't have in order to support their teaching, learning, and research.

Document Delivery:

Scanned copies of journal articles, book chapters, conference proceedings and more.

Interlibrary Loan:

Loans of items (typically books) from other Australian libraries.

The following students and staff are eligible for this service:

  • Current academic staff members
  • PhD students
  • MD students
  • Masters (Research) students
  • Honours students
  • Remote students (for more information see the link below)
  • Students with a Learning Access Plan (LAP)

You must also have an unencumbered Notre Dame Library account.

If you have not found the resource in our collection, you can submit a request directly through your My Library Account in FiNDit by following the steps below:


  1. Login to FiNDit with your student/staff number and Notre Dame password in the top right hand corner of your results screen, or through the My Library Account link on the library homepage.
  2. Search for the item that you are trying to access
  3. At the top of your results screen, go to the box that says "Click here to expand your search" and click the link - this will search for results beyond the Library's collection
  4. If the item appears in your results, click on the link that says Get it for me from other libraries
    1. If it doesn't appear, see the next section below
  5. Scroll down to the Get it from other locations section
  6. Select your preferred delivery option and click Get It
  7. Read any of the important information and complete any required fields and click Send

If you have not had success finding a record using the method above, you can submit a new request using the steps below:


  1. At the top of your results page in FiNDit, go to the box that says "Click here to submit a request" and click the link
  2. Enter in as much details as possible about the item you want to access 
  3. Click Send Request

Once you have submitted your request you will receive any further communications to your student or staff email address

Need Assistance?

If you require further assistance or would like to request a renewal, please contact the team on your campus:

Recommend a Purchase

The Library welcomes book and film recommendations from students and staff. Contributing to the development of the collection in this way helps to ensure it meets your teaching, learning, and research needs.

If you would like to recommend a journal subscription or other resource type, please email your Liaison Librarian.

All staff and students can recommend resources for the Library collection on their campus.

Follow instructions at the links below. Before submitting a request, search FiNDit to see if the resource is already available.

A Librarian will review your recommendation and notify you of the outcome if you wish. Please note, electronic format is the preference for book purchases.