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The Saint John's Bible: Virtual Tour

Luke Anthology

Luke 10:29-37; Luke 10:38-42; Luke 15:4-7; Luke 15:8-10; Luke 15:11-32; Luke 16:19-31
Primary artist: Donald Jackson with contributions from Aidan Hart and Sally Mae Joseph

Jesus used many parables to illustrate his teachings. This anthology presents six parables found in the Gospel of Luke - The Good Samaritan, Jesus with Mary and Martha, The Lost sheep, The Lost Coin, The Prodigal Son and His Brother, and The Rich man and Lazarus. These parables reveal the nature of God in that they are all about love, care and forgiveness of others, especially the lost, vulnerable, different and destitute (Sink, 2013).

Each parable is defined by the strong illustrated diagonal lines and encourages the onlooker to hunt for particular features portrayed within the image (Sink, 2013; Calderhead, 2015).


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