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About Fines

Like most libraries and all university libraries, the Library imposes a financial penalty upon borrowers who fail to return loans by the designated due date.

We do this to create an incentive to honour the agreement borrowers make when they loan the materials. Prompt returns of borrowed materials ensures that all students and staff have equal access to the University Library assets.

How much are Library Fines?

$2.00 per hour per item for Reserve Collection items

  • Includes: Closed Reserve

$1.00 per day per item for all other items

  • Includes: Main Collection, AV, Short term loans

When do I have to pay my library fines?

Library fines do not require payment until the total balance is $20.00 or more.

Once you owe the Library $20.00 or more your borrowing rights will be suspended until such time as you have cleared the total balance due.

Click the link below for information about how to pay your fines. 

What items can't I renew?

The majority of items held in each of the University Libraries are available for loan and are able to be renewed.

Why can't I renew all of the books on loan to me?

Some items are classed as short term loans and cannot be renewed at all libraries. Other items may have been recalled and cannot be renewed. These items must be returned by their due date to avoid fines.

Please see the Entitlements page for more information on what can and cannot be renewed at your library.