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Copyright: Teaching

Guides teaching staff on many areas of copyright including limits to what can be provided to students, using images, screening video content in class, eReserve and the addition of material to the service.


More information about how to use artistic works (or images) can be found on the Artistic Work page of the Copyright and legal re-use guide. The following information is specifically for teaching staff on how to use Google Images, Creative Commons, and Pixabay.

Google Images

Using an image directly from Google Image Search without performing the following steps is not good practice and could be classed as breaching the Copyright Act. 

Always do the following:

  1. Restrict your search results to images that are labeled for reuse
    1. Educational usage would be 'Labeled for noncommercial reuse' with or without 'modification'
  2. Next to the image you want to use, click on Visit to be redirected to the source location of the image
  3. Check for any specific terms and conditions on the website itself or near the image
  4. If there is nothing to state otherwise, you can now download the image from the source location (right click and save image)
  5. Ensure that you reference the image correctly using your required citation style
    1. APA Referencing - Tables, Figures & Images
      1. Displaying images in a presentation
    2. Chicago Footnotes (Scroll down to the images section)
    3. AGLC - Use APA Referencing examples
The following YouTube video shows you how to attribute an image found in Google Images 


MQ LearnTV. (2015). How to find copyright free images through Google [Video file]. Retrieved from


Pixabay is a repository of Creative Commons images that are classed as Public Domain (where the images have had all rights cleared by the creators).

All images within this site do not require attribution or referencing, but it would be highly regarded in an educational setting if you included a statement somewhere within your work along the lines of:

For single images: "Pixabay (CC0)"
For all images within a work: "All images were obtained from Pixabay on a CC0 licence"
For a combination of CC0 and other images: "All non-attributed images were obtained from Pixabay on a CC0 licence"

This simplifies the process for if/when someone wants to reuse the image, they know where it has been sourced from.