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Where can I find eBooks?

The simplest way to discover eBooks is by searching FiNDit from the Library homepage. 

FiNDit allows you to search for eBooks across all disciplines and collections simultaneously, but you can also look at a subset by searching directly in a particular platform. These platforms can be very large and multidisciplinary, e.g. Ebook Central, or they can provide access to subject specific collections. 

You can also find scholarly eBooks beyond the Library, made freely available by Open Access publishers.

The instructions below show you how to search for and discover eBooks.

How do I search for eBooks?

Click the images below for larger view.

  1. Enter your search
  2. Filter by Resource Type. You may need to click Show More to find the relevant filter. Select Books & eBooks.
  3. Add the Full Text Online filter to show only eBooks in the results list (no print books).
  4. Consider filtering your results further, by Publication Date and Discipline.

You can search for ebooks within a particular platform, such as Ebook Central or Ebsco eBook Collection, but it's important to understand that this will restrict your search to only those ebooks available within that platform. FiNDit, however, allows you to search across all ebook platforms simultaneously and is the best place to start.

You may choose to search for ebooks in a particular platform because you like the readability or functionality it provides, or because you have set up an account and saved notes and bookmarks. You can also browse the ebook platform by subject.

Click the images below for larger view.

Select browse subjects

Enter your keywords in the search box or click on a subject from the Browse by Category list to the left of the screen.


Learn more about the features of ebook platforms in the Use ebooks section of this guide.

There are an increasing number of scholarly ebooks freely available online and a simple way to discover them is through the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB). 

Many Open Access ebooks will also be included in the results list when you search FiNDit (look for the open padlock icon), or you can filter your results to show only Open Access eBooks.

Click the image below for larger view.

  1. Enter your search terms
  2. Select the Open Access filter
  3. Select the Book / eBook filter

Browse eBook collections

  1. Select Journals & Books from the options above the search box
  2. Select Books from the Content Type options
  3. Select Only content I have to access to, to further refine your search
    1. You can also Browse by Subject

Your Subject Guide may provide other relevant eBook suggestions - check out the Books tab within the guide.