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How do I access eBooks?

eBooks can be accessed via a Summon search, or searched for directly in an eBook platform. Some platforms will require you to enter your username (student number) and password before the eBook will open. Others may prompt you to create an account

Signing in or creating an account means you will be able to save and return to any personalisations you have made, such as notes or bookmarks. It will also allow you to see all eBooks you have accessed on that platform.

If you downloaded the eBook, or were prompted to loan it, your access will be limited to a set number of days. If the loan expires and you haven't finished with it, you can always get access again through Summon or the eBook platform where the book is hosted.

Not all eBooks allow for unlimited access. Digital Rights Management (DRM) controls the access parameters a user has with an eBook, for example:

  • The number of users that can access an eBook at one time
  • How much a user can download, e.g. entire eBook, a chapter, or nothing at all
  • How long a user can download the eBook for, e.g. 1 day, 7 days, or longer

If your access to an eBook is denied, wait a short while and try again - another user might finish with the eBook in the meantime. 

What are the features of eBooks?

Not all eBooks look the same or have the same features and functions, and this is because eBooks are hosted on several different platforms. Each platform has a variety of features and limitations. Some will only allow you to read the eBook as a PDF, others aim to create an experience that is more like reading a print book and allow you add notes and highlight text.  

Ebook Central and Ebsco eBook Collection are the Library's largest eBook platforms. Their easy to use features are highlighted below - start with the overview videos to help you get the most out of reading online.

Ebook Central features

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Ebsco eBook Collection features

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