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Finding full text

Free full text sources

Here are some alternatives to access full text research articles, including general platforms and specific open access search engines.


More information on open access resources can also be found on the Guide links below:

Evaluate the resource for accuracy and credibility

If your resources are not retrieved from the library's databases, then closer scrutiny of the resource is required. The suggestions below will help you decide about the credibility of resource you found online and if you would want to use it in your paper.


Check if the article is published in a peer reviewed journal by checking these resources

  • FiNDit: Search for the article title in FiNDit, click on  "Expand results beyond our collection ink on top of the search results and verify if it is peer reviewed  
  • Ulrichsweb Serials Directory: Search for journal title in Ulrichsweb to see if it is peer reviewed
  • The journal's website: verify if it is a peer reviewed journal from the About pages


Use the following modules and checklists to evaluate the resources you found:


Ask a librarian if you are still unsure!