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Finding full text

When full text is not available

Notre Dame Library supports university staff and students by providing Document Delivery and an Interlibrary Loan service which aims to provide researchers with access to the information sources which the Library does not hold.

The following students and staff are eligible for this service:

  • Current academic staff members
  • PhD students
  • MD students
  • Masters (Research) students
  • Honours students
  • Remote students (Check eligibility)
  • Students with a Learning Access Plan (LAP)

Please see the Library's Document Delivery and Inter Library Loan guide on our Borrowing page linked below for more details.

Find out what other libraries hold, and if there's another university institution's library or closer to you, you may be able to borrow as a reciprocal member.

Please see the Library's reciprocal borrowing information in the Borrowing guide linked below:

Found a useful article or a book?

Check if there are any "related" or "similar" articles or books listed in the database search results.

 Look for the "Cited by" tab, most databases provide citation trails:

  • Forward trail  : links to other articles that cite your ideal article - these articles will be more recent.
  • Backward trail  : links to articles in the reference list of your ideal article - these articles will be a little older.

Have a look at the video by UC Merced Library on how to use an article's citations trails to find more information related to your research.

Ask and you may receive

Try contacting the author of a work directly and ask for a copy of the literature via email or sites with author profiles such as university repositories, research communities, Google Scholar Profiles, ORCID, and Scopus.

To learn more about author profiles see the Library's Researcher Identity guide.