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Recalling an item

Standard loan items that are on loan can be requested by other students or staff for recall. When this happens for standard loans the loan period is shortened to 7 days.

The current borrower will receive an email stating that the item has been recalled and is due within 7 days. Items that are not returned within those 7 days will incur standard fines.

How to request an item that's currently on loan

  1. Search for a library item in the FiNDit discovery service to ensure that the Library holds a copy.
  2. Sign in to FiNDit to access your request options.
  3. Click Request to place a hold on the item.
  4. The current borrower will be given seven days to return the item. 

To request an item, it must meet the following criteria:

  • You must be a currently enrolled student or an academic staff member
  • A copy of the item must be held on the same campus where you are enrolled
  • Currently checked out (on loan)
  • Standard loan item only
  • If there are others copies available, you will be unable to perform the request and we encourage you to visit the library to borrow the item.  

How to collect requests

When the item is returned by the current borrower, you will be informed via an email to your student/staff email address.

The item will then be held at the Library for you to collect within 7 days.