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What is ResearcherID?

ResearcherID is a website where researchers can register for a unique researcher ID number and update their profile information, build their publication list, and select to make their profile public or private. Registered as well as non-registered users can search the ResearcherID Registry to view profiles and find potential collaborators.

ResearcherID is a freely available resource for the global, multi-disciplinary scholarly research community. 

Find out more information about ResearcherID here.


Having a ResearcherID gives you the following benefits:

  • Accurate author identification
  • Online user profile
  • Publication list from Web of Science
  • Citation metrics available
  • User privacy controls
  • Collaboration with other researchers possible


ResearcherID has the following limitations:

  • Need to add publications that are not indexed by Web of Science manually or import them from another source

How do you get started with ResearcherID?

This Researcher ID FAQs provide a good overview of what ResearcherID is, how you can create a ResearcherID, how you can add publications to your profile, and how you can view citation metrics.

You can register for a ResearcherID here. You will be sent an email with a link to complete the registration. After providing some personal information, your uniqute ReseacherID is sent to you via email.

You now have the opportunity to integrate your ResearcherID with your ORCID account or populate your publications list.

Once you have a ResearcherID

Once you have created a ResearcherID it is important that you keep your profile and publications list up to date. 

A set of FAQs isavailable to assist you with this process.

Web of Knowledge and ResearcherID are fully integrated. You can search Web of Knowledge by a ResearcherID, as well as view a link to the ResearcherID profile from a Web of Knowledge record.

You may want to make use of ResearcherID Labs. It provides additional data on each member's collaborators and on those papers citing a researcher’s works. You can also incorporate a ResearcherID "badge" into your own Web page or blog.

Other IDs

ResearcherID integrates with ORCID.

You can exchange data between ResearcherID and ORCID, including your profile information and your publication list. View this tutorial to see how it works.

ResearcherID News