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What is Scopus Author ID?


Scopus distinguishes between authors with the same name by giving each author a separate Scopus Author ID and grouping together all the documents written by that author.

Having a Scopus Author ID gives you the following benefits:

Scopus Author ID has the following limitations:

  • Author identification may not accurate unless author feedback has been provided (Scopus provides several ways to correct information in your profile and associated publications)
  • No online user profile
  • Only offered to authors that have papers published in journals indexed by Scopus
  • Cannot attach publications from other sources to your Scopus Author ID

You will be automatically assigned a Scopus Author ID when you publish in a journal indexed by Scopus.

The Author and Affiliation Searching tutorial outlines how you can create an author search, view author details, find variations of an author's name, group names of authors with a selected author, view documents that have cited a selected author and view author performance information.

Ensure that Scopus has matched all your publications to your Scopus Author ID correctly. There are three ways to request corrections to your Scopus ID.

  1. On the Author details page for which you want to submit feedback, click Request author detail corrections.
  2. From a Author search results page or Co-Author list, select the authors for which you want to provide feedback, and then click Request author detail corrections on the right side of the page.
  3. Complete the Scopus Author Feedback Wizard to provide feedback or report error

View Scopus FAQs.

Use the Scopus to ORCID wizard to send Scopus Author ID details and publication list to ORCID.

Watch How to unify your author identity with Scopus and ORCID for further guidance.

The Support Center by Scopus provides instructions on how to:

  • Correct author details
  • Find and group potential author matches
  • Find an author's Scopus Author Identifier