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Article alerts

You can easily be notified about new articles on a subject of interest, or by a particular author by setting up alerts in most databases, and on Google and Google Scholar. 

You will usually need to register a free account with the database before setting up alerts. Once you have registered, search for the subject or author that you wish to receive alerts for and look for an option to sign up for alerts.

Some examples are given on the tabs above.

Create your personal account and sign in, complete your search,  click on Share and create your alert.


Complete your search and then click on Set email alert for this search.

Click on Register, enter your details and then click Set Alert after entering a search query.

Click on Sign In, enter your details, then search for articles on your topic. Click on the Create Alert/RSS button and follow the prompts to save your alert.

Complete your search, click on Create Alert, enter your prefrences, and create the alert.