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NVivo is a data analysis program used to manage, store, and analyse qualitative data. It can be used for qualitative and mixed-methods research. Data can be imported from Word docs, PDFs, audio, video, and images. This data can then be transcribed, coded, and analysed.

NVivo is available on University Staff PCs. Students should request a software licence from IT@ND using the Student IT Portal link below.

Online support resources:


Qualtrics is a web-based survey tool used to build and distribute surveys, analyse responses, and create reports. The University has an enterprise licence for Qualtrics, follow the login link below.

Online support resources are also linked below. Note that for the video tutorials, you will need to login with your assigned staff or student ID and enter your password. Then click Sign in with SSO and enter the Organization ID notredame to be taken to the Qualtrics portal. 


ResearchData@ND is Notre Dame's research data management planning online tool. It is comprised of three forms designed to facilitate the planning, management and publishing of research data.

Online support resources:


SPSS is a software package used for interactive or batched statistical (quantitative) analysis.

SPSS is available on all University computers in offices, computer labs and libraries. Click on the Windows icon in the screen's toolbar, and search for IBM SPSS Statistics - if the software is already installed it should appear. If it doesn't display, then type Company portal in the Search bar, and select the IBM SPSS icon. Click to Install.

SPSS install image on University PCs

Staff and students can access SPSS remotely on their own Windows or Mac device by using the UNDA Virtual Lab. See the PDF document linked below for instructions.

Online support resources: