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Introducing EndNote


EndNote X9 logo

EndNote is reference management software.


X9 is the current version available for use by staff and students.


  • Create, manage and organise a database (or library) of your references
  • Create in-text citations or footnotes in Microsoft Word or Mac Pages, and automatically build your bibliography as you put the citations into your document
  • Choose from a wide range of Reference styles
  • Add, highlight, annotate and search PDF files
  • Configure flexible groups and subgroups of references for different assignments or projects


AMA (Vancouver) and EndNote

If you are using AMA style, please visit our page on AMA (Vancouver) & EndNote for information on configuration.


Who can use EndNote?

All students and staff at The University of Notre Dame Australia are entitled to download and use EndNote for free. EndNote X9 is installed on all on-campus PCs.


Can I continue to use older versions of EndNote?

The library will continue to support EndNote X7 and X8, but upgrading to the latest version is highly recommended. Please see the Software tab in this guide for more information on installing the most recent iteration.