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Common Word tasks

Watch this 7 minute video for a quick introduction to using EndNote with Word.

  • Click on the EndNote 20 tab in Word
  • Look for the Style box in the centre panel, and click the dropdown arrow
  • Choose your style
  • If your style isn't in the list, click on Select Another Style, browse the list, and click OK.

   Choose style in Word

There are two ways to insert a citation into your paper: either use the EndNote toolbar in your Word document, or switch between your EndNote library and Word. First check that your selected style is showing in the Style dropdown box on the EndNote tab in Word. Note, if you use a footnoting style such as Chicago, you will need to first insert a footnote using Reference > Insert footnote on the Word ribbon - see our FAQ for more information.

To use either method for any referencing style, you should first place the cursor where you want the in-text/footnote citation to appear in your Word document.

1.   From Word:

Click the top half of the Insert Citation button > Type the author name, title, or year into the Find box > click Find > select the relevant reference > click Insert.

Find citation screenshot

Word screenshot


If you have already selected the reference in your EndNote library (or clicked on multiple references using Control button), switch back to Word and click the bottom half of the Insert Citation button, and choose Insert Selected Citation(s) from the dropdown menu.

Insert selected screenshot


2.   From the EndNote Library:

In Word, place your cursor where you want the citation to appear. Go to EndNote (switch applications using Alt-Tab or click the Go to EndNote icon link on the EndNote 20 tab).

Go to EndNote screenshot


Within the EndNote library, click on your chosen reference (use Control to select multiple references). Then click on the Insert citation icon at the top of the screen.  The reference will be added to your Word document where you have placed the cursor.

EndNote insert citation screenshot

When writing your essay you may need to modify the citations - for example adding page numbers, or excluding author name.

Adding page numbers

To add a page number to your in-text or footnote citation from the EndNote toolbar in Word:

  1. Click on the citation (either the in-text or footnote citation) in the Word doc so it is highlighted.
  2. Using the EndNote toolbar in the Word doc, go to Edit & Manage Citation(s).
  3. Type the page number/s in the Pages box, eg. 578 (or 578-579). You do not need to type p or pp.

Adding page numbers screenshot


Exclude author name

For author-date styles like APA, if the author’s name/s (or the date) have been incorporated into your sentence, you will need to edit the in-text citation so that the name (or date) is not repeated, eg:

In an article about reciprocity between speech and silence in education, Caranfa (2013) relies on the insights of

  1. Click on the citation (either the in-text or footnote citation) in the Word doc so it is highlighted.
  2. Using the EndNote toolbar in the Word doc, go to Edit & Manage Citation(s).
  3. Under the Edit Citation tab, choose the format you require from the dropdown list (in this example you would choose Exclude Author) then click OK.

Exclude author


If you wish to delete a reference from your Word document, do NOT use the back button nor the delete/backspace key, as that could corrupt it.  With your cursor highlighting the reference in your Word document, click Edit & Manage Citation(s).  In the new window, click the arrow next to Edit Reference and choose Remove Citation.

Edit and manage citations screenshot

Remove citation screenshot

If several references need to be cited together, you can add them all at once from the EndNote library.

1.  With your cursor placed in Word at the location where you want the citations to appear in your essay, switch to the EndNote library and select the required citations while holding down the Ctrl key.

2.  Click the Insert Citation icon Insert icon in the menu bar.

EndNote screenshot

It is possible to create a standalone bibliography using EndNote, called a "formatted bibliography". You may wish to do this if you do not need to use in-text citations or footnotes in your paper, or you have inserted them in-text manually and don't want to spend time replacing them in your document using EndNote.

Note that it is not recommended to use a mix of manually typed in-text citations and EndNote inserted in-text citations - use one or the other to ensure your bibliography is complete and to avoid confusion.

Follow these simple steps to set up your formatted reference list (APA):

1.  Write your essay/paper, and manually type any in text citations in the correct format (highlighted in grey below).

2.  When you have finished writing, go to your EndNote library and select the references you have used in your essay (to choose multiple references, hold down Ctrl on your keyboard as you click on each reference).

3.  Click on References, then Copy Formatted Reference (CTRL-K). Alternatively, you can right-click on the selected references and choose Copy Formatted Reference. You won't see any change on screen, but the list of references will have been copied to your clipboard.

EndNote copy formatted screenshot


4.  Back in your essay, paste the bibliography/reference list at the end of the document using Edit > Paste, Right-click > Paste, or Ctrl-V.

Reference list screenshot

If you wish to use this method for your essay, it may be easier to manage the relevant citations if you add them to a custom Group within EndNote. That way when you're finished, you can just select all the references in that group and start the process from Step 3.

When you are ready to submit your essay or article you will want to submit a plain Word document without the EndNote code.

  • Save a copy of your Word document as usual (this will have all the EndNote code, in case you need to come back and update your document).
  • In Word, go to the EndNote toolbar and click on Convert Citations and Bibliography > Convert to Plain Text.
  • Save this new Word document (that does not have EndNote code) with a new name.
  • This is the document you would submit to Turnitin or to your publisher.

Convert to plain text screenshot