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Creating lists of resources with EndNote

The Leganto Reading List system is endorsed by the University and efficiently creates and manages course reading lists. Please consider using that system to share readings rather than EndNote.


Creating a reference list of sources with EndNote

  1. Choose a Group or list of references that you wish to export (NB you may select individual references from a list using Ctrl Click)
  2. From the File menu, select Export.
  3. From the Save File as Type list at the bottom of the dialog, select the type of file to be exported.
  4. From the Output style list at the bottom of the dialog, select a style (or choose Select another style to choose from all available output styles).
  5. If you have selected individual references, select the Export Selected References option. If you want to export all of the references in the current list, clear the check box.
  6. Enter a name for the exported file and use the Save In list to specify where it should be saved and use the triangle button to allow you to browse to the appropriate folder and specify where the file should be saved.

EndNote export