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Using Refwork's Refshare to create persistent links to full text articles and ebooks

RefWork's Refshare allows you to create a reference list that you can share with your students. 

Creating a new Reference list:

Before importing any citations into Refworks, it is a good idea to create a folder to save your imported citations to.

Log into Refworks via the Style & Referencing Guides page located in Quick Links (if you don't have an account follow the prompts on the login screen).

Click on the Folders tab > Click on the New Folder button, name your folder and click Create. 


Import your citations (see Exporting and Importing Citations for more indepth details on how to import citations into Refworks) 

Saving your citations to your newly created folder:

Tick the radio button next to each citation that you intend to move to your folder, or alternatively click on the All in List radio button to select all of the newly imported citations, mouse over drop down arrow next to the folder icon and select your newly created folder to add the list of citations

To share your folder, click the Share tab and click on the relevant folder icon, you will see a message asking whether you are sure that you want to share your folder + the name of the folder, click OK

A window will appear with a copyright statement at the top of  the page and some fields that you can fill in to enable you to identify your share file, provide a brief statement about its contents, allow your students to post comments and for you to receive emails when comments are added and create RSS feeds if you wish to add more articles to this folder over time.

IMPORTANT: To ensure your students can access the full text articles both on and off campus, please select Site Defined OpenURL from the OpenURL drop down list. Please note that access to full text articles is only be available to students and staff affiliated with the University.

Click save, copy the Link and embed in your course materials, alternatively click on the email link and fill in the required fields.