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What are government documents?

Government documents are official documents produced by government bodies and parliamentary committees and include reports, transcripts of parliamentary proceedings, policy statements, bills, issues papers, discussion (green) and policy (white) papers.

Where can I find government documents?

Browse relevant government websites for publications or resources.

Browse relevant NSW Government websites for publications or resources on your topic.

Browse relevant WA Government websites for publications or resources on your topic.

How do I find government documents?

  1. Enter your topic terms in FiNDit.
  2. Filter by Content Type. You may need to click More... to find the relevant filter.
  3. Select Government Document.
  4. Select Apply.
Google Web Search

  1. Type before your keywords in Google to find documents located on Australian Government websites.
  2. Consider also using type:.pdf to limit to pdf documents.

  1. Choose a month from the Alphabetically Sorted, HTML Format list in GovRAP to browse.
  2. Use Ctrl / Command F to find your topic / keyword.
  3. Select the document ID link or URL to go to the record in Trove / view online.

Contact your Research Services Librarian if you have further questions about how to find government documents.

How do I reference government documents?