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News and Newspapers

About this guide

Newspapers provide information on current events, as well as opinion pieces, advertising, and other items of popular interest. The University of Notre Dame Australia Library's newspaper collection is provided almost exclusively online through our databases. This guide will show you where and how to access local and international news sources available through the Library. Print copies of newspapers are no longer held in the library. 

How can I use newspapers in my coursework?

Depending on the requirements of your assessment task, you may need to use newspapers as a primary or secondary source. For example an article from a historical newspaper may be used as a primary source, or an article may give a transcript of an original interview or speech. 

Some newspaper articles may be considered to be secondary sources. They may provide an analytical, evaluative, or derivative interpretation of an original work or event. 

Though not scholarly, newspapers are useful in helping to formulate various perspectives and issues regarding a topic or subject matter. Please see the links from the Credo Research Skills modules to learn more about primary and secondary sources.

Can I use magazines for academic research in my coursework ? 

For academic study, magazines are not considered to be credible sources, as they are not peer reviewed, and have a minimum number of citations. They are a useful source to understand trending topics and to sometimes bridge the gap between popular and scholarly information. Please consult your lecturer regarding the use of magazines in your assessments. 

Using FiNDit for newspapers

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